Brenda is my primary care provider. I see her monthly because she fine tunes me for the insane and meaningful life I live. Her knowledge and understanding of the working of human life is amazing. I owe her my return to health...

Brenda is an extraordinary practitioner, deeply committed to her field and most importantly to the best care possible in he service of her clients. The healing that Brenda brings to the world deserves great praise and deep thanks...

Brenda helped me when I was having a lot of back pain. I was performing nightly in a very demanding show and I needed a professional healer. Brenda did wonders on my back and, Her sessions had a calming and soothing effect...

Brenda is very skilled at diagnosing and treating using her very powerful Japanese acupuncture training. Her focus is completely on her patient, her care is excellent, and she follows up with suggestions and ongoing information...


Brenda Loew, DAOM, AEMP / L.Ac. has a family practice which opened in 1991 in Seattle, specializing in gentle Japanese-style acupuncture.  She completed the Toyohari Meridian Therapy basic training in 1996 and the first advanced Toyohari training offered outside of Japan (in Amsterdam) in 2005. She is an authorized instructor in the Toyohari Association since 1998,  Brenda was on the faculty of the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) from 1994-2002, serves as adjunct faculty at several acupuncture colleges in the U.S. and Canada and teaches throughout North America. She served as President of the Toyohari Association of North America (TANA) from 2001 to 2012, served as President of the Seattle Branch of the Toyohari Association until 2019, and co-founded the Japanese Acupuncture Institute.

Her other interests include meditation, tai chi, studying acupuncture classics, and community service. She is happiest when engaged in dialogue with practitioners and students on how to make the ancient wisdom of the ancestors come alive in our modern times, and is passionate about humanity’s relationship with nature and passionate about the “Qi Paradigm".


Loew’s healing philosophy is, “When the body is in harmony and its energy is balanced, we will feel at ease” and “All medicine is Love” (a quote from Yanagishita sensei). She can be reached at

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  • + Gentle Japanese Acupuncture:
    • + Manaka Yin Yang Channel
    • + Balancing Therapy
    • + Toyohari Meridian Therapy
    • + Shonishin Pediatric Needle Therapy
  • + Cranio-fascial Therapy
  • + Nutritional & Lifestyle Recommendations
  • + Meditation, Qi Gong and Reiki
  • + Sotai
  • + Cupping
  • + Moxibustion (warming technique)


All adult appointments are scheduled for 50 minutes and are currently $125. Fee for half hour Shonishin pediatric treatments for children up to age 8 is $65 (Some sliding scale may be available, call to discuss options.) Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. To make an appointment, call or text 206.930.1238. Please leave your name, phone number, and email address so that I can send you a health questionnaire, HIPPA forms, etc. Please note: hours of operation are variable/subject to change contingent on class/teaching schedule.

Insurance & Payment

I do not accept insurance except for motor vehicle Personal Injury Protection claims (PIP). I have elected to not be a provider for any of insurance plans, however, as a licensed health care provider, I am happy to provide HICFA forms to you for submission to your insurance carrier (as an out-of-network practitioner). Payment is due at time of service unless other financial arrangements have been made in advance, and treatment charge is applied for missed appointments unless 24 hour courtesy notice is given. Please bring cash or a check as I do not process credit cards at this time. (It is too expensive and creates more administrative burden than I want to say yes to presently.) Thank you for your understanding.


Brenda Loew has changed my life

I learned of Brenda from a dear friend that used to live in Japan. She was familiar with Japanese acupuncture practices, and knew Brenda was considered the best, if not the best in the United States. Initially, Brenda treated me for nasty whiplash after a bad car accident. My doctors wanted me to do a year of physical therapy. Brenda did four or five treatments, and I haven't had a problem since. That was over 20 years ago. Years later I sought out Brenda to help with abdominal pain. After several treatments, Brenda identified what she felt was a serious problem. Sending me away with a chart of what she thought were tumors proved to be 100% true. My doctor, to become a Chief of Staff at Swedish, was amazed that her chart matched what was removed. I'm now reconnected with Brenda as a more mature adult, to keep my life in balance. My tinnitus is being kept at bay. I can't imagine not being able to see this professional. If you need help, call her. She's honest, experienced, and will do what she can to help you.

[ by Tyrone T. ]

had no more pain

The first time I went to Brenda Loew I was suffering from incapacitating carpal tunnel syndrome that made my fingers numb, my shoulders and wrists so painful I could barely turn a door knob or a faucet without excruciating painful effort. I had been seeing doctors, LMP's, DC's for 5 months with little relief. After 3 weekly visits with Brenda Loew I regained more than 90% of function and had no more pain! That was more than 15 yrs ago, and now I refer patients to her for things like frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel and chronic back pain. She also treats kids without using needles, which is great for allergies and digestion. I highly recommend Brenda, she is a kind and genuine master at helping your body heal quickly and thoroughly.

[ by Dr C. ]

The best Acupuncturist I've ever had

I've found Brenda to be the best Acupuncturist I've ever had, and love her gentle and accurate approaches to balance and wellness. I gained a new appreciation of receiving acupuncture with the Japanese style she uses, along with her gift of creating a peaceful environment and over-all experience, all for which I'm grateful for. Thank you for your supportive way's.

[ by Callie K L. ]

Brenda always provided the gentlest, care and healing

I had the pleasure of being a patient of Brenda's for over 17 years, ending when we moved out of state. My only complaint was she wouldn't let me box her up and move her with me! Finding someone comparable in our new location has been a challenge.

[ by Carol J. ]

Brenda is an amazing healer

Whether you have a cold, flu, sprained wrist or back ache, she works with you and comes up with both healing of body and mind. fantastic!

[ by Bryher H. ]

Brenda is such an inspiring teacher

I had the pleasure of taking a series of japanese acupuncture courses taught by Brenda at PRC in Victoria BC. I wish I could jump in her pocket and follow her around for 10 years just to watch what she does in treatment. I am looking forward to learning more from her in the future!

[ by Kristy G. ]



BRENDA LOEW, M.Ac., AEMP, Nationally Board Certified, Doctoral Candidate

WA Acupuncture License #00000100

6527 21st Ave NE, Suite 4
Seattle WA 98115

Tel: 206.930.1238
Text or Email to find out availability

* last appointment scheduled at 5:30 pm. "Community-style" acupuncture available some evenings.
  Call to schedule. (This involves the use of only ear needles at the cost of $25 for 1/2 hr. session.)